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About Compare Prepaid Cell PhonesHi, my name is Bill. I recently switched over to a prepaid plan. When I started searching the internet, I quickly realized that most of the prepaid review sites were total spam. I put this site together to help folks find the best prepaid cell phone plans. If you have suggestions for the site, contact me I'd love to hear them.

The different types of prepaid cell phone plans Welcome
With the vast number of prepaid cell phone plans on the market, it can be downright confusing to compare each one of them. All these prepaid cell phone plans seem to have different pricing structures as well as activation periods. To make things easier for you, we came up with three distinct ways to help you compare these plans by listing down the different prices and the benefits from all the cell phone companies. For the newbie users out there, start here to get a prepaid cell phone plan crash course.

How to use this site:
We provide 3 ways to compare prepaid cell phone plans.

  1. Compare Per Minute Pricing. When you know how many minutes of airtime a month you use, then check out the comparisons below. We've gone through every cell phone provider's plans to determine the cost at each level of minute usage.
  2. The Best Plans. If you have a certain use in mind for your cell phone, for example you need a cell phone for emergency use only, then check out the Best Plans section.
  3. Compare Individual Plans. If you have a particular cell phone company in mind, check our detailed review by clicking on the company's link in the left sidebar of this site.

Compare Per Minute Pricing Plans

The Best Plans

Some Recent Comments

Comment from Nancy

This site is very easy to follow. I am planning on getting a prepaid phone as soon as my contract with Verizon is up. I pay $30 for 100 minutes, and extra for texts. I'm thinking of going with platinumtel.

Comment from Lukasz

I don't see why anybody would even consider a contract plan from one of the major carriers when they can get UNLIMITED minutes for $40 a month.

Comment from Steve

Great article on emergency phones. I just bought my mom a prepaid Tracfone for emergencies so that she can stick it in her glove compartment and forget about it. Tracfone is the cheapest and for about $80 a year she can have a phone in case she breaks down.

Linda Meeks

Comment from Linda Meeks

Thanks for comparing all these prepaid phones. Straight Talk is the one I eventually went with. For $45 a month I get unlimited talk and since it’s on the Verizon network, the coverage is unreal.